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I have lived in New Zealand’s beautiful farming country all my life. This rural lifestyle provides a rich source of settings and inspiration for my stories.

I write romance because I love delving into human relationships. It is these relationships in all their diversity that make the human race so fascinating. I’ve been asked why Romance and my answer is always: I write romance because to me first and last, family matters.

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The Mulleins of Katherine Bay

About this Series

Shadow Dance -  Jenna

Katherine Bay has not been kind to the Mulleins …. and when Jenna attempts to unravel the truth behind her mother’s dying words—Promise me, Jenna, promise you won’t sell him the land—she quickly discovers there are far too many people in Katherine Bay with a vested interest in muddying the truth and she’s thrown into desperate danger … when property developer Gabe Callahan steps in to help … Jenna is unsure if she can trust him..

Ashlyn’s Bodyguard – Jace

To save an innocent woman’s life Jace Mullein must face the people he left behind and family he betrayed … When Jace Saves Ashlyn Pritchard from an unspeakable fate she quickly learns to trust him…and then in one horrifying moment she discovers the truth about Jace’s past … and now she needs to question everything … does she mean anything to him at all, or is Jace using her only to exact revenge for past slights?

The Farmer Takes A Wife – Heath

When Sarah Kreagan arrives on his doorstep to Heath Mullein it’s a dream come true … until the man stalking her and threatening to ruin her family and take her baby … brings danger into his piece of paradise …




My latest Release …  The ReturnRTTP VII



When Logan Sinclair turned his back on his home, his family and the prosperous Racing Stud of Darkhaven and vanished… he also turned his back on Piper and her love … and his return after ten long years is greeted with suspicion and distrust and he finds the good people of Cambridge have long memories … there’s no way he can escape the ghosts of his past, the woman he left behind, or the grief that threatens to bring him to his knees …. He’s heard it said often enough, that you can never return home…and he quickly comes to realise that he’s compounded his mistakes by doing exactly that…

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